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The Leader In Elite SurfWear

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Big Island Built

75-5800 Alii Dr #A1
Kailua Kona, HI 96740 USA

From the Big Island, for the Big Island. BigIslandBuilt combines the warrior culture and modern 808 lifestyle for elite athletes. 


From Kailua Kona and Hilo, on the Big Island of Hawai'i, BigIslandBuilt designs, produces and distributes clothing,
accessories and surf products for elite athletes. BigIslandBuilt is a brand that represents the warrior culture, island lifestyle and Aloha spirit.

The Leader in Elite Surf Wear.

We are merging science and design to bring you the most authentic Hawaiian surfwear and active wear available throughout the Pacific.

We sell only Big Island clothing made in the USA and designed locally on the Big Island of Hawaii by various artists. We use unique scientific methods to bond environmentally safe artwork to our premium shirts and clothing. Never settle for good, We don't. Be the best and wear the best... Big Island Built clothing.

Pioneering Material Science and Nanotechnology in the Art of Shaping Surfboards.

We are pioneering surfboards specifically designed with the fact that new materials and processes play an ever more significant role in today's shaping of surfboards. We specialize in using modern techniques in nanotechnology, biological and chemical process engineering. This highly interdisciplinary and largely international team has been developed to meet the particular challenges of this complex and cutting-edge field of research and development in high performance surboard manufacturing as outlined below: 

  • Transfer of energy from the surfer to the wave (or wave to surfer) with minimal dampening.
  • Proper flex and store/release energy repeatedly, reproducibly, with no attenuation.
  • It should flex only in the right place (torsional, longitudinal and lateral flex)
  • Light weight producing less “shift mass” underfoot, less energy needed for the board to respond
  • Waterproof and tough outer skin (ding resistant)
  • Fast on the water (low coefficient of friction)
  • Easy to paddle out, but not to ‘floaty’ to duck dive.

The unique combination of materials science engineering and the ancient art of Hawaiian surfboard shaping to produce high performance boards for your needs... is our goal.


To all of you, from all of us at Big Island Built - Mahalo (Thank you) !

Kuhio & Friends

Call: 808-209-0497 Storefront: 75-5800 Alii Dr #A1 Kailua Kona, HI 96740 USA